It’s On. Dystopia now in plain view.

Unconscionable. Unethical. Unwarranted. Unjustifiable. Unwanted.

But not inconceivable. Therefore Canada’s Child Emperor has spoken. Because our broken system says he can.

What is at stake?

Virtually everything that multiple generations of Canadians have worked for, fought for, spoken for, lived & died for.

Our Canadian way of life, our Canadian identity, Canadian pride, Canadian opportunity – & our Canadian future.

For no reason other than self-interest & an obvious lust for power, Canada’s most incompetent, bombastic, out of touch & demonstrably corrupt Prime Minister has taken advantage of a combination of a dysfunctional minority Parliament, an empirically proven fake Pandemic, a complicit, sycophantic Main Stream Media as well as the inexcusable apathy of far too many Canadians.

A wholly unnecessary federal election has been called for September 20, 2021. Thirty Six (36) days for a sorry group of dysfunctional, in many cases equally complicit, federal political parties to attempt to get their individual & collective acts together – to mount a campaign to deny the ruling Liberals, under the figurehead bad actor Justin Trudeau, a potential absolute majority with consequences to Canada that are beyond chilling:

To wit:

  • Further erosion of Canada’s sovereignty in favour of an even more corrupt, anti-Canadian UN globalist cabal.
  • Control over Parliamentary Committees ensuring that corruption & government activities remain hidden.
  • Obliteration of Constitutional & Charter Rights through Draconian legislation including Bills C-10 & C-36.
  • Consolidation of power & financial control over Provinces other than Quebec-together with Ontario, the enablers.
  • Financial policies that ignore all reason, common sense & economic affordability – effectively bankrupting Canada.
  • Further measures to create a Totalitarian single party regime – enabled by a dysfunctional Westminster Model.
  • Virtual destruction of the Middle Class Canadian as the Rich & Powerful consolidate their power & influence.
  • Increasing intrusion on what were once considered inalienable Parental Rights & Responsibilities – Nanny State.
  • Consolidated power/control over the very institutions that once defined Democracy including Main Stream Media.
  • Immigration Policies that will encourage tribalism & legal, economic & social dysfunctional enclaves within Canada.
  • Weakening of the checks & balances that necessarily separate Executive, Legislative & Judicial powers & autonomy.
  • Utter contempt/disregard for principles of Equality for All under Laws Applicable to All & Enforced Equally & Justly on All.

Is this election important to enough Canadians for the consequences of the foregoing to be even comprehended by a Canadian population that seems to have been seduced into believing that many of the consequences identified above are not existentially important – even credible?

Like many others, I have my doubts. I simply do not believe any more that a sufficient number of Canadians even comprehend the possible ramifications of this upcoming, unnecessary federal election. We, as Canadians, have for the most part been hypnotized by Main Stream Media overt propaganda, a failed education system & outside influences from nations & bodies (including the UN) into believing that a rapid descent into a Socialist, Globalist New World Order (The Great Reset) will be in our individual & collective best interests.

If ever there was a time for Canadians to re-assert ourselves; to take back Personal Responsibility & to hold those in power to account – that time is now.

Political Leaders in Canada have failed us as Canadians – but more importantly, we have failed ourselves.

We have failed to hold those in power to account.

We have failed to call out corruption & self-serving political gain when the evidence is in front of our faces.

We have failed to denounce a complicit, ‘bought & paid for’ Main Stream Media that is now a Pravda clone.

We have failed to assert our inalienable Rights & Freedoms, including Freedom of Speech, Assembly, & Association.

We have failed to assert our Familial Rights & Responsibilities as Parents, as Communities & as Individuals.

We have failed in our Responsibilities to Future Generations who will wonder why Mass Hysteria overtook Reason.

We have failed in our ability as Critical Thinkers who have the responsibility to proactively solve societal challenges.

We have fallen victim to Apathy – & our own Indifference to a rapidly changing Reality that is being forced upon us.

Over the next 36 days, a mere microcosm in time, Canadians will have an opportunity to awaken from our slumber.

Will enough Canadians choose to assert our inalienable Rights & Freedoms that cannot be taken from us except as a result of our passive, ignorant consent?

Will enough Canadians be willing to take Personal Responsibility to ensure an outcome that is genuinely good for Canadians now – & in the future?

Thirty Three percent (33.12%) of voting Canadians is all it took to get us to this place. LESS than one third (1/3). One third of Canadians who bothered to vote.

As you ponder that, ask yourself whether you care enough to try & make a difference this election.

Those who do not cast a vote deserve virtually no voice.

Those who cast a vote for the Status Quo deserve their voice but those Canadians may well, lemming-like, be taking the rest of us down with them.

In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke, infamously broke, one of the countless promises he has made over his short, tyrannical reign.

Trudeau promised Proportional Representation – a change in voting power that may have pulled us back from the abyss.

That promise, like so many others, has been broken by what many consider the most corrupt, undemocratic & unethical government in Canadian history.

We, as Canadians, have an opportunity to save ourselves from a bleak, dark & dangerous future where it is conceivable that we will lose, perhaps forever, our opportunity to fight for Rights & Freedoms once considered inalienable.

If this isn’t enough of a threat for us to individually, & collectively, stand up & raise our voices in support of those RIghts & Freedoms, we unfortunately will deserve what we get.

It is past time for us to be looking for others to get the necessary job done.

Instead, it is a time for responsible, Freedom Loving Canadians, to join together to force our Federal Government to again become accountable, responsible stewards of Canadians, not totalitarian overlords themselves subservient to globalist, socialist interests that can never be considered as in the best interests of Canadians, now or in the future.

Voice of the West

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